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Trimm No Shin Karate & Kobudo System
Grandmaster George R. Trimm
On July 11, 1999 George R. Trimm was inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame as instructor of the year. Three years later on September 9. 2002, he was again inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame as Grandmaster of the year. On May, 27th 2006, George Trimm was inducted yet again to the Martial Arts Hall of Fame as Grand Master and Instructor of the year by the world Sokeship Council...
The Trimm No Shin Codes of Wisdom
1. Put what you love first and the rest of your life will take care of itself

2.Everything happens for a reason

3. The time to act or react is when the opportunity  presents itself, so seize the moment for it surly wont last and then becomes the unchangeable past.

4.We should be able to change direction at any time.

5.An error is an opportunity to learn, it only becomes a mistake when we neglect to correct it.

6.Take responsibility for your life's experiences.

7.Timing is being at the right place at the right time.

8. Always look forward and never be afraid of change.

9.Often we have to loose something to gain something.

10.Rely on your abilities and instincts not on your rank or position in life,

11. Defeat shows us our weakness so we my strengthen them.

12. The eyes must see not just look

13. The ears must listen not just hear

14. The student is never at fault because what the teacher says the student does. 

​15.The beginning is the end and the end is the begining
About Trimm No Shin Karate & Kobudo System
Our patch is takes the form of an open hand to signify peace but have the ability to defend ourselves.
The name of our patch is called Hiewa To Chikara Pronounced ( Hay-he-wa , toe, Cha-ka-ra) it means Peace and Power.
1. Gold border- is meant to remind students to keep the system pure. For example, don't change the katas, when we perform katas we are walking in the footsteps of the Soke (founder) of the system.

2. Light blue background- represents infinity

3. Dragon- represents heaven, independence and leadership

4. Tiger - represents strength

5. Star -represents experiences of life, always looking forward never be afraid of change

6. the 5 points of the star represents 

7. Yin Yang- represents male and female

8. Weapons- The Kobudo part of the system

Train with the Grand Master of Trimm No Shin Karate & Kobudo System!
Train with George Trimm, Grand Master, and Founder of Trimm No Shin Karate & Kobudo System. 

Karate Classes
 Held at Flow Yoga Studio.
7711 Grand Blvd New Port Richey Florida 34652

Class times
Wednesdays 7:15 pm
Saturdays 12 pm

For more information call George Trimm at 
(727) 277-1186